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My name is Luna Malyna! I am a 29 year old professional photographer currently located in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been published in multiple newspaper and magazine publications such as New York Weekly, ThunderRoads Magazine, Pump Magazine, and many more. I specialize in portraits specifically and that ranges from headshots, automotive, and event photography both for creative and commercial purposes. I have been photographing all the amazing things life has to offer for the last twelve years now. I started out capturing photos of nature and vintage cars as I adventured across the United States. I then moved towards portraits and fashion photography for a few years and ran group photoshoot events across the valley. I started my official photography business with the state of Utah in 2015. And have been hired on as a lead photographer for many amazing businesses such as the Rawtin Garage, Salt Lake Autorama, and HKParts. Jump forward to today and I now have a thriving photography company where I get to work with amazing companies and models from across the world. I have also created a project combining both of my photography passions for auto and pinup photography called Motor Maidens! Through that project, I am using my art to empower women in the pinup and motor industry everywhere! It has always been my mission to help everyone turn their dream, vision, or passion into a reality! Photography for me is an expression of art from the soul, and it is an amazing experience for everyone involved! I live to see the smiles and happiness my photos bring to the people of the world! Contact me to schedule your customized photoshoot today!


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